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Ecologic Resources Group


Restoring Environmental Balance One Acre at a Time

At ERG, it’s not just a slogan; it’s our philosophy and it encompasses everything we do.

ERG’s vision is to achieve a more sustainable world by promoting wetlands protection, restoring critical environmental habitats, creating sustainable projects and implementing innovative programs such as the Resource Credit Exchange™ which will change the way the world manages its most precious natural resources.

ERG is committed to promoting sound ecological practices and environmental sustainability.

We apply these practices and principles to all of our projects in order to minimize impacts on the environment and enhance environmental conditions for natural ecosystems to thrive.

We design our projects as complete ecological units that function as natural systems, reversing the trend of human activities that threaten the ability of future generations to enjoy our natural resources

We also create new and innovative concepts for sustainability in everyday life – including ways in which the concept of a “green economy” transforms from an overused political buzzword into a real and important way to promote, preserve and create a healthy, vibrant and, most importantly, environmentally balanced world.

Our team of professionals has a broad range of backgrounds, education and experience that helps us bring a distinctive approach to and a comprehensive understanding of the technical, political and economic framework which is the basis of land use and natural resource laws and regulations in the United States. Our team includes environmental scientists with advanced degrees in aquatic and marine biology, wetlands science and geographic information systems, as well as professions as diverse as construction and project management, land use, architecture, government, finance and the law.

Our Mission

At ERG, our mission is guided by a commitment to three key values - Leadership, Innovation and Integrity.

We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals. Our leadership is founded on talented individuals effectively applying advanced scientific principles, innovative technologies and sound management to the important environmental challenges before us.

We believe that INNOVATION begets transformative change. While we always focus on the task at hand with the utmost attention to detail to achieve positive results, we never hesitate to reexamine the how’s and why’s of the status quo knowing that there is rarely anything that can’t be made better with leading-edge thinking.

We act with INTEGRITY in all that we do. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness. We fulfill our commitments, respect our colleagues and conduct ourselves as responsible citizens in all that we do.