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Ecologic Resources Group



ERG is participating in the creation and entitlement of a sustainable development complex in Central Florida which will be home to the International Sports Institute (ISI), a state-of-the-art sports-based training, research, performance, technology and medical treatment center. The ISI campus will be designed and built using energy efficient low-impact materials which place environmental sustainability at the fore.

The component mix of the ISI includes:

  • Sports Science Research & Development Center
  • Office Space for Sports Associations, Manufacturers & Educators
  • Athletic Training Sports Performance Center for elite domestic and international athletes
  • Certification & Educational Training Conference Center for sports industry organizations
  • Sports Medicine Clinic & Treatment Center
  • Athlete Lodging for athletes in training as well as serving events within the ISI
  • European-style Boutique Hotel for ISI guests
  • Indoor and Outdoor Common Areas for sports equipment development and testing

ERG will be undertaking its responsibilities while staying true to its commitment to the principles of sustainable development including the use of sustainable materials, resources and design which includes the location, orientation, structure, systems, construction, use of buildings and land and also the eventual disposal of materials.

For more information on the International Sports Institute, please contact us to learn how ERG is changing the way environmental and economic considerations can be rebalanced in new and innovative ways.