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Ecologic Resources Group



SustainSports Ventures tackles the challenges of balancing athlete health and safety, venue creation and the environment by creating mixed-use, public assembly-anchored real estate development projects that reinvigorate economies, restore environments and enhance the quality of life for citizens in communities throughout the United States. SustainSports Ventures also works with project partnerships comprised of industry leaders in the areas of market research and feasibility, environmental rebalancing, development and operations.


With SustainSports Ventures acting as project leader, the project partners work together in bringing projects from concept to fruition through the following tasks:

• Develop and manage real estate projects that contain integrated sports and commercial aspects

• Undertake all key development elements - opportunity identification, feasibility, site identification / acquisition, entitlement, contract negotiation, construction and management

• Lower the relative cost of public participation in the financing of public use facilities by the use of offsetting economic benefits created by the integrated commercial development

• Undertake projects that utilize environmentally challenged land in order to provide a more cost efficient, politically positive and socially beneficial development

• Coordinate all activities in the development of projects

• Participate in all profit centers created by the development of its projects including land ownership, business leaseholds, management & ownership