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Ecologic Resources Group



ERG’s seasoned team of environmental professionals provides superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resource needs in private and public sectors. The kind of innovative thinking which marks ERG’s efforts in mitigation banking, trading concepts and eco-friendly projects is applied by our professionals in providing high-quality solutions to environmental issues confronting your business.

Wetland Delineation and Functional Assessment Review

ERG provides wetland delineations as required under all federal and state regulations. In addition, ERG can provide assistance for the permit application process. Our functional wetland assessments utilize EPA-approved methodologies.

Habitat Preservation, Restoration, Creation & Enhancement Planning

ERG designs projects that will preserve and restore critical habitats so that they meet the ecosystem needs of threatened and endangered species.

GIS Mapping

Our GIS and remote sensing capabilities enable us to design wetlands and habitats that meet complex ecosystem needs.

Stream bank Stabilization

Our stream bank stabilization techniques prevent erosion and help control water flow in flood hazard areas.

Ecosystem Damage Assessment

Our USEPA-approved methods allow for a rapid assessment of loss of wetlands and ecosystem services so that mitigation projects can effectively restore depleted areas.

Riparian Buffer Evaluations

ERG uses GIS and remote sensing to evaluate critical riparian buffers and design re-vegetation projects in order to maintain environmental sustainability. By creating new riparian buffers, streams are shaded and protected from the impact of adjacent land use.

Stormwater Management

ERG designs projects to control stormwater run-off for the purposes of reducing downstream erosion, water quality degradation, flooding and mitigating the adverse effects of changes in land use on the aquatic environment. The goals of our work are to reduce the potential for stormwater threats to public health, safety and property; reduce the impacts of new and existing urban development on streams and comply with State and Federal stormwater, water quality and floodplain management regulations.

Stream Design and Restoration

ERG staff has extensive experience in stream and wetland design and construction. Our approach includes improving the adjacent upland, wetland and riparian vegetative communities in conjunction with the restoration design of the stream channel.

Flora & Fauna Surveys

ERG has the expertise to perform flora and fauna surveys and assessments over small and large sites and can identify, map and classify the broader vegetation types including terrestrial and wetland flora and describe the structural and floristic elements found in each broad vegetation community. ERG provides comprehensive reports, detailing findings and offers recommendations to minimize the effects of proposed actions or development on a project site which meet submission requirements for permit applications to state and local planning authorities.

Soil Testing and Analysis

ERG provides detailed chemical soil analysis in cooperation with certified laboratories, for areas such as levels of major plant nutrients, plant micronutrients, sodium, pH and acidity, soil class and percent base saturation.

Forestry Management Plans

ERG inventories forest resources to determine tree species, condition, numbers, age, volume, value, growth and basal area. Soil/site quality is evaluated to determine what the site can produce. Inventory data is analyzed to determine what is present and what the forest site is capable of producing. Based on the inventory analysis, ERG develops a management plan designed to achieve project objectives. The forest management plan is based on what is biologically/ecologically possible on the area and what is economically feasible and politically/socially acceptable.

Environmental Impact Statements

ERG provides Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for proposed projects that outline in detail the proposed actions, alternative actions (including no action) and their probable environmental ramifications. The EIS gives information on the probable impact of alternative actions.

Fishery Assessments

ERG provides fishery assessments for both freshwater and marine ecosystems. This includes development of Fish Biological Index of Integrity that can be used to provide overall functional assessments of wetlands.

Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

ERG can design projects that meet permit conditions and enforcement action requirements.

For more information on how ERG may assist your company in managing its environmental services needs, please contact us to learn how ERG is changing the way environmental and economic considerations can be rebalanced in new and innovative ways.