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Ecologic Resources Group



ERG has received approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for the 74.5-acre first phase of a 166-acre wetland mitigation bank in Oxford Township, New Jersey. The site is being used to mitigate adverse impacts to wetlands and wetland buffers caused by development activities and will also be available to satisfy current NRD claims as off-site restoration.

The design of the bank enhances privately owned wetlands on a site that previously served as a sod farm and munitions testing area. The bank is located in the Furnace Brook drainage area in the Pequest River Watershed (Watershed Management Area #1 - Upper Delaware). Watershed Management Area #1 includes northern New Jersey Delaware River tributaries including the Musconetcong River, Pohatcong Creek, Pequest River, Palinskill River and the Flatbrook River. Stream restoration and habitat creation for the endangered bog turtle are important features of this project.

The project has been designed and engineered to enhance the following wetland functions and values:

  • Flood Storage
  • Groundwater Recharge and Discharge
  • Shoreline Anchoring and Erosion Control
  • Water Quality Control
  • Riparian Corridor Integrity
  • Habitat for Native Flora and Fauna
  • Passive Recreation Activities

Developers who are required to mitigate for wetland impacts may purchase bank credits from the Oxford bank with prior approval from the NJDEP.

For more information on the Oxford Wetland Mitigation Bank, please contact us to learn how ERG may be able to assist your company’s mitigation credit needs.