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Ecologic Resources Group



ERG has created a plan for a  green-centric mixed-use land revitalization project in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The project will be a “first of its kind” blend of environmentally important features and economic generators designed to achieve harmonious balance between nature and economic growth.

The Monmouth County EcoCampus has been designed to create four (4) diverse but important and complementary land use elements:

  • Wetland Mitigation Bank which will promote habitat creation, flood control, water quality protection, vernal pool creation as well as education and recreation opportunities for the community.
  • Eco-Enterprise Park that will be home to companies which create and promote green products and technologies and those which embrace the principles of sustainability in their day-to-day operations.
  • Eco-Energy Solar Field where rows of solar panels will be placed to gather sunlight energy and provide clean, green electricity generating as much as 8 megawatts of electricity - enough to not only meet the energy needs of the entire EcoCampus, but also many hundreds of homes and businesses in the area we well.
  • Passive Recreation Park which will be maintained for the enjoyment, health and well-being of the public and for the preservation of wildlife and the environment. The Park will include an environmental interpretive educational center along with nature and biking trails, outdoor classroom activity stations and habitat for native and endangered species.

For more information on the Monmouth County Eco Campus, please contact us to learn how ERG is changing the way environmental and economic considerations can be rebalanced in new and innovative ways.