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Ecologic Resources Group



Over the past dozen or so years, much attention has been paid to the concept of carbon trading as a possible solution to the world’s climate change crisis. However, as concerns have grown over the efficiency and effectiveness of using artificial pricing mechanisms to effect and change global environmental conduct there is now increased attention being paid to how best to utilize markets to promote environmental change.

There is no better example of this than the potentially catastrophic crisis caused by the ongoing loss of our natural resources and the lack of an effective solution to not only slow their continued depletion but to achieve a greater level of environmental regenesis. It has been estimated that over half of the world’s natural resources (such as raw land, wetlands, habitats and waterways) have been lost to commercial development. The United States in particular has been hit hard by the consequences of this result including loss of valuable wildlife habitats and vulnerability to natural disasters such as flood and drought, crop failure, spread of disease and water contamination. While preservation efforts have provided a considerable and much-needed slow-down in the pace of natural resource depletion, there has been very little progress made on efforts to offset natural resource loss and encourage natural resource regenesis.

In response to the inherent weaknesses which lie at the conceptual foundation of the carbon credit markets, ERG has created an innovative and highly complex automated trading system for the sale and purchase of credits for mitigating the depletion of natural resources while promoting the regenesis of natural resources across multiple resource classifications. By doing so, ERG believes its Resource Credit Exchange™ promotes a more comprehensive and equitable approach to combat the ongoing loss of our natural resources and the many direct and indirect benefits that derive from a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. By utilizing a proprietary system which includes a sophisticated application of multiple resource functions and values, resource depletion level measurements, historic and current geographic trends and a trading criteria platform which encourages stability in commodity pricing and ease of exchange, the Resource Credit Exchange™ provides a uniform structure for mitigation bankers, government regulators, real estate developers and environmental groups to work together to protect and enhance our remaining natural resources and create new resource opportunities consistent with the requirements and goals of existing federal laws and regulations.

ERG believes the Resource Credit Exchange™ revolutionizes the way in which natural resources are protected, preserved and reestablished as well as the way in which development of land - and the negative aspects of environmental change that occur as a result – are managed in the future.

For more information regarding the Resource Credit Exchange™, please contact us to learn how ERG is changing the way environmental and economic considerations can be rebalanced in new and innovative ways.